Samia Rida

I cannot even remember what brought me to my first yoga studio. I just remember looking through the window and watching the people doing sun salutes in unison. Slowly I began practicing myself but I don’t think I really began to get under the surface of what yoga offers for many years.

I am a great believer that you teach what you need to learn. I find the experience of teaching very yogic. You connect with the purinethol 50 mg tablets price you are teaching on a non-cerebral level and are somehow guided what to do next. I am always inspired by my students.

I have studied many styles and approaches to yoga but feel it is the antithesis of yoga if you try to own it or put it in a box.

I have unquestionable faith that yoga works and it will always be a part of my life. There is no end to what I can learn and there is never a point when I think I have got it all sussed!

Alongside teaching yoga I am an actress and writer. I teach mainly private sessions now alongside a group class on Tuesday lunchtimes in a beautiful

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