Sarah Burgess

I began practising yoga in 2001 and was lucky enough to take my first class with an inspiring and very experienced teacher named Angelika Grohmann. My passion for this wonderful practice was ignited immediately.

I came to yoga for many reasons. I had an on-going health condition that I had heard yoga might help with, I also had a huge knot of tension across my neck and shoulders that I just couldn’t release, and my father had recently died quite suddenly and unexpectedly and I was trying to come to terms with this and understand a little more deeply what life might be about. Yoga has helped with all of this and much, much more.

From being an avid student, I qualified to teach in 2006 after a four year, 500 hour training with Aurolab Yoga. During this period I also became very drawn to and committed to the practice of Ashtanga yoga and developed a daily practice firstly under the tutelage of the amazing Eileen Gauthier and then under the expert guidance of Charlie Taylor-Rugman.

My teaching developed slowly and organically, during which time I still had a full-time job in book publishing. Eventually, as my classes grew, it came to a point where I could no longer really continue with both things and I finally found the courage to quit my day job to focus solely on my teaching – and I have never looked back.

Alongside my Ashtanga practice I have also explored other styles of yoga and have been fortunate enough to study with many great teachers. I have been particularly influenced by Dharma Mittra’s inspirational and dedicated approach to the path of yoga, and also by Sarah Powers, with whom I completed a further teacher training in Yin Yoga and Meditation.

I believe that all yoga, whatever the style, should be accessible to everyone and should help us to find more space, ease, stability and strength in our bodies, minds and hearts, and to feel more joyful and grateful for all that we have in life.

I continue to learn more about yoga with each day that passes, from my own practice, from my students and from other inspiring teachers, all of which feeds into my constantly evolving teaching.

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