I was living in New York working as an investment banker for a high-profile multinational. The high demands of my work started to become a little overwhelming, I wasn’t happy with myself and felt the signs of depression. A friend of mine dragged me into a Bikram yoga class. This is where the love affair began!

The somatic practice along with the heat combined challenged me physically and mentally. As my practice took off, I noticeably became more grounded, and my sense of clarity returned. I realised I had a new addiction to something unquestionably life changing and good: yoga.

The second yoga milestone in my life took place when I moved to London. Slightly fed up of Hot yoga, I tripped into the class of Stewart Gilchrist at Indaba Yoga. I soon discovered I was stuck in the physical ‘Anamaya’ Kosha of yoga. Stewart ignited a burning fire inside of me, which got me onto my first teacher training, and my journey to becoming a teacher began.

As a yoga teacher, it is of the upmost importance to continuously evolve myself, and my practice. I have since delved deeper into the power of meditation and sound healing; the spiritual side of yoga is my third yoga milestone! This layer is so rich in wisdom, making the physical practice only the tip of the iceberg and the journey of yoga infinite.

I left the banking world to focus solely on yoga and though I am no longer making the income I was used to, I am now in love with my life! I feel so grateful to be a teacher to my students who in return are my best teachers!

Lastly, I am proud to have founded Yogi2Me, the first app providing users a way to book and choose from a carefully selected category of the best yoga teachers in and around London. Whether at work, at home, or in the park. Pick your time, date, teacher and he/she will come to you!

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