Sarah Scharf

Whether I am in rehearsal, teaching yoga, or dealing with any of life’s stresses, getting on my mat keeps me balanced. Working in theatre as an actor and director is my creative passion, and working as a yoga instructor both centres me and supports my artistic life. I look to my own yoga practice to stay rooted within myself, to help pace the strong ebb and flow that is inherent to the process of making theatre. Initially my background in dance and acting left me focused on external appearances. Practicing yoga brought me into a space of self-acceptance, and taught me to value inner work and deeper presence. I have encountered many women dealing with body image issues that are intensified by the superficially focused culture. This can be a block to deepening a yoga practice. When I teach yoga it is inspiring to help other women shift their focus from the outer shapes to a way in which they can fully embody an asana. Yoga is a tool for transformation, a practice that evolves slowly, moment by moment, breath by breath. As a teacher I feel lucky to witness my students’ expanding self-awareness and discovering their own transformative moments. 

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