Charity celebrates a decade of transforming IT Education in Africa.

Gloucestershire charity, IT Schools Africa (ITSA) – a renowned UK supplier of recycled computers to Africa – recently celebrated a decade of transforming IT education on the continent. To celebrate, the charity invited its many supporters and partners to a colourful reception at its Cheltenham offices complete with amazing African acrobatics by The Lion Brothers and African dance performances by Tolo Ko Tolo and Ann Bladgden.

The ITSA story began when Cheltenham philanthropist Michael Ratcliffe visited Africa in 2003, where he was surprised to note a shortage of school text books.

“Encountering the Minister of Education in one of the African countries I visited,” Michael explained in his speech at charity’s anniversary celebrations, “I was dismayed to hear from him that motorcars were brought with the money that should have been spent on text books. And it occurred to me that if we could put just one computer into a school, it would save the need for the children there to carry textbooks – for they could download them on the internet.”

Michael’s pipedream soon become a reality. Back in Cheltenham, he arranged for an Egyptian friend Monis Khalifa to renovate a warehouse and in October 2004 Monis began collecting used computers from local schools and businesses and refurbishing them at the warehouse, and ITSA was born.

In just ten years the charity has sent over 44,000 recycled computers to 20 African countries, trained over 750 teachers and provided an estimated 3 million children with access to IT.

Tim Barnes, Programme Director for ITSA said:  “Looking ahead, ITSA urgently needs support by way of donations of funds and equipment, and IT volunteers, to continue its amazing work in Africa, improving the prospects of millions of African youngsters. If you can help, please get in touch, all support is buy cytotec online.”

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