Seated Forward Fold

Seated Forward Fold



How to perform

Start in Dandasana with a feeling of lifting away from the ground beneath. Take the hands in prayer position above the crown and from the hip sockets lengthen the spine upwards and fold forward guiding the chest to the thighs. Take the hands beyond the feet for the ultimate westside stretch.


Apart from this pose being referred to as the ‘westside stretch’, meaning it elongates the whole of the backside from heel to back of head, it also stimulates the digestive fire, destroying diseases and obesity. It stimulates all vital organs through the intense connection of the belly to the legs and it also eases the mind.


Bend the knees should the hamstrings not co- operate. Apply ‘Stirha Sukkha asana’ and practise this pose when the body is very warm to avoid injuries.


Avoid this pose if you have any hamstring injuries.

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