September issue is OUT NOW!

Yoga Magazine’s September issue is OUT NOW! Have you got your copy yet?

Many thanks for buying this magazine and your support. We are delighted to feature some great content. We caught up with the Rock-star of the Yoga world, David Sye whose had various titles attributed to him including wild child and bad boy. Son of Sixties singer Frankie Vaughn and relative of the late Amy Winehouse, Sye talked about how yoga saved his life and how he’s looking to evolve Yoga beats in 2020.

The UK has an array of beautiful spas & hotels. We uncover some great places where you can get yourself pampered in the hands of Aromatherapy experts.

This month we also have beauty experts showing you how to make your own face spritzs, body salts and scrubs – using ingredients from the wild.

We’ve also got features & lifestyle advice on a range of subjects including featuring Yogi Siddhant, advice on what ancient Ayurveda herbs you can use to manage blood sugar levels (type 2 Diabetes), how to deal with ‘brain-fog’ a growing health problem. The 2019 Independent Yoga Network is holding it’s Conference in October – so you may wish to fl ag that up in your diary as well. A special mention must also be made of Diane Long, now in her ‘70’s and a student of the great Vanda Scaravelli – this year marks the 20th anniversary of Scaravelli’s passing. Jules Watson off ers a rare insight into these two remarkable women and yoginis. Scaravelli was taught by two of the most revered yoga teachers of the time, BKS Iyengar and TKV Desikachar. We hope that you will enjoy reading or browsing the magazine and find inspirational ideas, advice and tips.

There’s lots more inside including JUMPGA (yoga & trampolining hybrid), Weird Fish Fashion for men & women, Yoga for Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and we checked out the stunning Coco Bodu Hithi Island, Maldives –a dream travel destination.