September issue OUT NOW!

This month we take a look at yoga as a tool of psycho self-development for dealing with conditions such as anxiety and stress, and we investigate whether yogic confidence forms the path to liberation. 
We also focus on the shilajit, an Ayurvedic superfood that’s relatively unheard of in the West, yet is packed full of vitamins and minerals and has a myriad of health benefits, and with the importance of a good night’s sleep for health dominating the media, there’s a report on a retreat that delivers a dedicated sleep programme.

There’s also a wonderful sequence that works on the Anahata chakra – the source of compassion, healing energy and love – so we can work on our relationship with ourselves which benefits our relationship with others, while our guest teacher Fi Clark, guides us through three poses for differing abilities, followed by a ‘open heart, open mind’ sequence that releases blocked emotions, stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and encourages liberation and courage. 

We also show you how to discover emotional security by activating the Mula Bandha, plus there’s a philosophical look on the power of Kundalini yoga and essential tips on self-care in a busy world. 

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine, and look forward to meeting you next month. 

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