Seth Kaufmann

Seth’s unique background of tness, yoga, physiology, authentic and true to my core being, reminding me that and philosophy makes him stand out in the yoga everything I’m searching for, and all the answers I ever community. From a young age, Seth has been called an ‘old soul’ and has had a rebellious spirit, always searching for the deeper meaning of life. It was the rst time he stepped on a yoga mat that he nally felt he was onto something. “It was a tremendous turning point for me, it was like reuniting with a long lost friend who I desperately missed yet had no idea I knew. It was everything my soul was missing and calling for.”

Seth received his Master of Exercise Science and began his career as a strength and conditioning coach, working with elite athletes. He slowly began incorporating yoga into his training sessions, leading to many physical and mental breakthroughs. Seth’s passion for yoga grew deeper and he submerged himself into his practice, focusing on all limbs of yoga. “Yoga is not about the asana, it is a science of life, the blueprint of how to treat others and, most importantly, ourselves. It keeps me

need, are already inside of me. My practice allows me to scrub myself clean so my light can shine.”

Seth now leads yoga workshops and retreats all over the world, where he teaches a blend of yoga and vision and goal setting in order to inspire people to live up to their greatness and achieve their souls’ purpose and destiny. All of his passions blended together creating RebelLion, a lifestyle apparel brand for like-minded individuals who will ultimately change the world by constantly improving themselves and living an authentic life to their fullest potential.

The most important thing to Seth is ensuring that everyone he encounters feels better about themselves inside and out after meeting him and that they live to their full potential, in vibrant health of mind, body, and spirit.