Shayna Hiller

Shayna Hiller has been teaching yoga for eight years. She unexpectedly began her journey while attending college in Australia. She ‘accidentally’ took a yoga class, thinking it was going to be a kickboxing class. Little did she know, at just 20 years old her life would change forever. She immediately returned to her home in New Jersey and researched yoga trainings. She ended up completing over 500 hours of professional training in Nosara, Costa Rica. She then journeyed to India for a pilgrimage into the tradition and birthplace of yoga.
Yoga and meditation helped Shayna discover confidence, meaning and healing in the midst of an eating disorder in her early twenties. Through curing herself through this ancient modality, she now shares the magic of yoga as not only a physical practice, but also a deeply therapeutic system of recovery for all of life’s obstacles and challenges.

Shayna’s passion for yoga is evident in the way she lives her life. Meditation is like brushing her teeth, and she doesn’t know where she would be without it. She is also a certified Health Coach and educates people on the importance of eating whole foods in order to live a whole life. Continuing education is the most effective tool to keep her growing as a teacher and a practitioner. She continues to take part in various forms of yogic studies with great teachers around the world. After teaching yoga in New York City for seven years, she moved to Los Angeles to expand her contribution. Her classes are a unique blend of breathing practices, Ashtanga, Power yoga, Sanskrit, sutras, scriptures, anatomy and alignment.

Shayna teaches public yoga classes near the beach in Southern California at three different studios. Her newest book ‘Don’t Judge Me By My Cover’ includes a deeper look into Shayna’s journey and simple steps you can take to live a life of strength and purpose.

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