Shiva Trust

Humanitarian, Spiritual Leader & Advocate for Compassion and Self-Awareness, Satguru Sri Raman Devi (Ramana Devi) – has personally established the volunteer based charitable organisation Shiva Trust.

Shiva Trust was created to bring Love, Service and Compas- sion to our communities!

Every project was developed in response to the experiences of pain and suffering that Sri Ramana Devi has witnessed first hand. These include:

Tailoring training to Schedule caste women in South India. Ahimsa, Non-violence educational programme to children and parents in southern India. Eco-toilets in southern India.

Feeding the poor and needy in the UK with tens of thousands of hot meals.
Providing food, clothing and much needed supplies to the UK homeless population.

Teaching Entrepreneurial skills to children and young people with HIV in India.
Provision of Free classes and courses in U.K. teaching health and Well-being.

Providing sanctuary to rescued animals in U.K.

Shiva Trust is a registered charity No. 1148843, active for more than five years worldwide. Each project is run by people inspired by Sri Ramana’s tireless commitment to relieve people’s suffering.

How can you help?

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