Should you? Or do you want to?

How to be the perfect human being

Everyday we are exposed to offers, deals, things we are supposed to buy and things we need to try. We are constantly reminded of all the things we should do – and perhaps sometimes we forget what we want to do. The society always tells us that we all should be more in the moment, stay more present in our relations and become more relaxed – in order to be the perfect human being.

Reality seems a bit different though. Because – when during your daily routines is it actually possible to stay present, focused and balanced? Is it when you pick up the kids, while planning dinner, summer vacation or the next visit at your family in-law? Is it during a romantic dinner with your loved-one – where you should be present in mind and spirit – but actually just want to be at home watching TV and relax for one second?

And if that was not enough you should also find the time to exercise in order to attempt the perfect body and self-esteem. Between changing diapers, making dinner and being the perfect partner.

In yoga I find the rest, the relief and the time to take care of myself. Before I found yoga, I could not do all the things I ‘should do’ because every time I thought of going out, go to the gym or just be with the family – I got exhausted. The benefit of being introduced to yoga is that every morning I have decided to give myself the time to welcome a new day. To stay balanced and to stay present in everything I do – this is my choice and my gift to myself.

Life is not easy and every minute where we can find the time and the courage to actually ask ourselves – what do I want to do? – should be honored. The moments where we dare to ask ourselves; am I happy in my relationship? Am I satisfied with my career? Or do I need to make amends with someone in the family?

I could not imagine anything worse than waking up at the age of 85 and regret all the things I did not get to do because I did not dare to ask myself – What do you want to do now?

My message with this is most of all: Even though everyday challenges may seem impossible to overcome – always ask yourself: what do YOU want?

Today I wear a symbol of all the things I have accomplished right there on my wrist. With the Body & Soul bracelet, I carry the symbol of OM and Chakra with me every day to remind me of my journey of getting closer to the balanced me. And that person – as I see it – is a woman that dares to say ‘good morning new day’ and ask herself ‘are you happy?’

If you know a person or have a friend that could use a reminder to stay present, focused and balanced – you can get the Body & Soul bracelet here.

With great love and admiration for the modern woman who dares!