Side Plank Pose



• From plank pose, come onto the outside edge of your right and stack your left foot on top of right. Place your left hand onto your left hip, turn your torso to the left while simultaneously support your body weight with the grounded outer edge foot and your right hand.

• Be sure the supporting hand is directly below the shoulder; straighten the arm by engaging the triceps and pressing the grounded palm into the mat; paying close attention to press the index and thumb finger flat. Be sure not to hyper-extend the arm and to avoid the pose altogether if you have any wrist history.

• Firm the scapulas and sacrum against the back torso and engage the entire core.

• Strengthen the thighs and lift the hips up and away from the mat.

• Feel your body is in one long diagonal line extending from the crown to the heels of the grounded foot.

• While keeping your head and neck in a neutral position, or gazing up towards the sky, you can extend the top arm toward the sky keeping the hand directly above the shoulder.

• Hold the pose for 3-5 breaths. Remember, “If you are unable to breath, you are not in the pose.” You should try measuring the distance between the right hand and right foot, then step the left foot halfway up the mat and turn the toes out to the right to help support the pose. Perform this variation until you are performing a comfortable full side plank variation.

• Come back to Plank pose or rest for a few breaths in either Adho Muka Sva-nasa (Downward Facing Dog) or Balasana (Child’s pose) before performing the pose on the left.