July 18, 2024
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Advanced Pose Yoga


How To Perform 

• From the Side Plank variation, take the gaze down to the oor rst as it’s easier to keep your balance.

• Bend your top (left) knee towards your chest so you can reach down the inside of your leg for the foot. (To do this you may need to bend the right knee a little so that the entire sole of the right foot makes contact with the ground, giving you more to balance on than just the knife-edge of your right foot!)

• Grasp the left big toe with your left thumb, index nger and middle nger.
• Turn the leg out so that the knee points upwards rather than forwards.

• Keeping the ankle exed, slowly begin to extend the left foot towards the ceiling and straighten both legs as much as you can.

• Ground the sole of the right foot into the mat to enable you to lift the hips even higher.

• Keep rooting into the oor with the right hand and firm the shoulder blade down into the back.

• Take the gaze up towards your top hand and shine your heart towards the ceiling.

• Try to stay here for 5 breaths.

• To come out of the pose, slowly re-bend the left leg and return to Side Plank and then Plank pose before resting in Child’s pose. Repeat on the other side.


• Promotes balance and all over body strength.
• Improves focus and concentration.
• Stretches wrist and hamstrings.
• Is a wonderful way to express joy!

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