Yatay was born from a fierce motivation to create a profound positive impact. Th e brand’s founder Skyler, had been practising yoga since the age of 19 but found the floor uncomfortable; mats were slippery causing the experience to be unenjoyable.

After developing a successful life/business coaching practice, he set out to make a big audacious impact; to improve the lives of thousands of people. Building on his business experiences, he developed a brand providing impeccable service, centred on authentic human values, completely sustainable and providing an uncompromising quality experience at an inclusive price. “With Yatay I wanted to disrupt the industry and revisit a sense of connected, inclusivity that had been eroded.” Skyler’s team systematically identifi ed faults in the ubiquitous yoga mat and fixed it. Th e resulting product enables yoga and mat exercise practices to remain pure, natural and harmonious, without any compromise or distraction.

“The process mirrors my team’s values from surface to soul. It’s why we are here.” How we move, eat and breath determines who we are and how we live. And we are committed to making that truly wonderful.

Lawson’s Market Garden is the manifested dream of creator Danny Seeley. The vision is to develop an abundant food source whilst working in harmony with nature and nurturing wildlife. The one acre plot will be developed from scratch on a human scale (without heavy machinery) on a self generated, shoestring budget. Whilst food production will help make this project, its motivation is rooted in ethics and ecology. Adopting permaculture and no dig gardening methods to create a rich and diverse habitat for beneficial insects, birds, amphibians and mammals to carry out biological pest control, resulting in a pesticide free food production and an unpolluted environment. Lawson’s Market Garden plans to sell salad crops, baby root vegetables and seasonal produce to local restaurants with the intent to expand into a local vegbox scheme once established. With honey and eggs also being produced from this one acre plot, Danny hopes to off er full transparency in his practices via social media, offering his customer base true provenance from plot to plate.

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