Sophie Whippy2Sophie began practising yoga 6 years ago at her local gym to stretch out after spending a lot of time doing cardio and aerobics. Her initial fascination with yoga was from a physical viewpoint and remained that way for a few years, practising just once a week in between gym classes. It was when she met her partner Carl that she began to practice more regularly and delve a little deeper.

Sophie helped Carl open his first yoga studio back in 2012, a small community studio called Stretch in East London, which now has two sites with a third on the cards. It was during Stretch’s early days that Sophie took the plunge and did her first training, and she hasn’t looked back since.  Eager to keep learning, Sophie has more trainings booked in for 2016.

Sophie’s style of teaching is compassionate with a focus on working towards ones own ability and comfort, whilst still challenging her students with creative sequencing. An interest in anatomy is clear in her teaching whilst merging the physical and non-physical aspects of yoga with cues and breath.

You can catch Sophie at either of the Stretch studios most days. She’s  also available for privates and corporate classes. For more information, visit or email [email protected]

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