September 25, 2023
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Words: Caroline Britton

Sometimes life demands that we speak our truth. This means having difficult conversations with ourselves, and with others. So many of us are blocked in the throat chakra, which is between the heart and the head chakras. The throat yearns to speak, to scream, to sing, to express, to sound – yet it is not allowed. The mind comes first. It warns the throat:

Don’t be too much. Don’t ask too much. Don’t express too much. Don’t allow yourself to be rejected. Don’t allow yourself to be truly seen.


But how will life know, they know, and I know if I don’t express the deepest callings of me?

With real intentionality and love, we can let the words we speak, the sounds we make, and the activation of this beautiful energy body carry the vibration of our hearts. As I have learnt to speak my truth, I have seen it change so much for me – the quality of my teachings, my writings, and my relationship with others, and with myself. This is a time for you to find.

“The throat yearns to speak, to scream, to sing, to express, to sound”.



Today, I want you to ask yourself what life, your soul, and your heart are demanding that you speak the truth about. Start with yourself. Where do you need to be honest? Where do you need to honor a difficult conversation, you need to have with yourself or others? I would also recommend activating your throat chakra – sing, shout, groan, roar. Allow yourself to make sounds that your throat wants to make. Let your body guide your throat on what needs to be released. Yes, you might feel self-conscious, but we can do the hard stuff. If this feels too much for you, I love the exercise of closing your eyes and visualizing going into a room with someone who has upset you or where you know you need to speak your truth.

Imagine they are sitting on a seat in front of you and they never speak. Rather, this is an opportunity for you to get everything off your chest and to say everything you want to. Once you have finished, you can simply declare, ‘I hand this back to the Universe to be transmuted to the greatest and highest good for all.’ Then see yourself leaving the room and closing the door. You can then open your eyes and take a big, deep breath out. This exercise helps release some of the emotion you have built up so you can get more clarity and space within you to make a plan to move forwards. This may or may not mean speaking to them in ‘real life’, but it is a great start.

Caroline Britton is a global speaker, teacher, coach, mentor, healer, and intuitive guide, and an expert in helping people connect back to their soul. She delivers her teachings through a combination of online courses, private coaching and speaking events. Web:

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