Special Yoga/ Charities

Special Yoga’s global mission is to help as many   children with special and additional needs reach their fullest potential. We believe that all children are special and that all children deserve to experience inner peace and comfort and fulfilment of their potential and purpose.

additional needs are discarded as if they are not useful members of society because they cannot speak, walk or function in the way that we can. We truly believe that it is not a ‘mistake’, that these children are here with us in the world and that they are here for one of the most important reasons for mankind – to teach us unconditional love. So it is for us to help them to shine that Light on the world and to help them to become the best that they can be.

We go into parts of the world where these children spend their days in orphanages or in their homes, and provide what is needed to help those caring

for children with special needs to support the development of their potential. We offer this work globally in schools, education authorities and orphanages, to parent groups, hospitals, pediatric professionals, psychiatric units and psychotherapists.

In many places that we have visited, these children have had no therapeutic input because there is nothing available for them, or because the families cannot resource what could be available because they just don’t have the funds to do that.

Our programmes are running now in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Russia, Nepal and Peru. We leave a part of our hearts everywhere we go. There is nothing better than seeing the joy and the smiles from the children and their carers/parents.


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