• Lie on your abdomen with your legs stretched out but closed together.

• Draw your tailbone towards the oor and down towards your heels and rotate your inner thighs in.

• Stretch down through your toes whilst being aware of keeping your tailbone down towards your heels to help protect your lower back.

• Set your elbows under your shoulders and your forearms at to the oor in line with each other.

• Inhale in and lift your upper torso and head into a slight backbend.
• Draw in your abdomen for support but do not suck in or hold it rigid.

• Remain in pose for between 5 to 10 breaths, exhale and release your abdomen, lower your torso and head to the oor.

• Turn your head to one side and inhale and exhale deeply to release any tension.


• Strengthens the spine.
• Opens up the chest and lungs.
• Stretches the shoulders and abdomen. • Aids digestion.
• Helps relieve stress.


• Pregnant ladies start from the base tabletop position, drop to forearms and perform allowing abdomen to remain o the oor without pressure.