Staff pose



• Sit with your legs outstretched, your spine upright and feet flexed. If needed place a folded blanket under your sitting bones (ischium) to create a lift. This will ease pressure in your hamstrings and pelvis, supporting you to maintain the posture.

• Place your arms alongside your body with your elbows slightly bent.

• There is no weight on your hands.

• Make sure your shoulders are relaxed, chest open and place your chin parallel to the floor.

• Allow your breathing to expand and contract as you gently open and relax your rib cage with each breath. This posture releases constriction and creates opening in the chest and Heart Chakra.

• Feel the weight of your lower body grounding down into the earth, and lift your upper body towards the sky.

• Focus your attention on your Heart Chakra and hold the posture for 3-7 deep breaths.

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