Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend



Stand in Tadasana, feet hip-width apart.
Lift the arches of the feet, lift the inner knees and elongate the legs. Lift the trunk and scoop the pelvis up from the top of the legs. Inhale and raise the arms up sideways straight alongside the ears. On an exhalation rotate pelvis forward as you extend forward and down, the trunk folding over the legs and placing the ngertips on the ground directly under shoulders. Inhale and raise the head to look forward. Exhale and move the palms of the hands under the soles of the feet with the toes up to the crease of the wrists. Head soft.
Keep the feet active and shins, knees and thighs in a vertical line. Inhale and lift the head and chest so the arms become straight and spine elongated. Pause here for a few breaths.
Then exhale to release head towards shins, arms bent with elbows out to the sides to maintain broadness of the chest.


Tones abdominal organs. Helps to relieve sciatica. Elongates the spine. Improves blood circulation. Removes Tamas.


Caution not to hyperextend the knees.