Standing Splits Variation



• From standing begin to come into a forward fold and place your ngertips on the oor. You may want to put blocks under your hands or slightly bend your legs if you have particularly tight hamstrings.

• On your next inhale, raise your left leg to the sky about 75% of your maximum capacity.

• Take a few breaths here before slowly raising your leg a little higher with each breath until you feel like it’s as high as you can go.

• As you extend the toes of your right leg, ground through your left foot and begin to bring your right hand to your right ankle. Take a few breaths and slowly begin to extend your left ngertips outwards.

• Enjoy playing with your balance while continuing to encourage a stretch by bringing your nose a little closer to your leg with every breath. Repeat other side.


• Enjoys the bene ts of an inversion with the head below the heart, which provides a fresh supply of blood and energy to the brain, lungs and eyes.

• Strengthens the ankles and improves balance.

• Stretches the hamstrings, calves, lower back and thighs.

• Provides a lovely stretch to the rib cage and intercostal muscles of on the side of the outstretched hand.


• Take care if you are su ering from a knee or ankle injury. • Also any lower back injuries.


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