Star Chakra In Handstand

Handstands are some of my favourite poses. They build strength, a sense of empowerment, they’re tons of fun and exhilarating. Handstands are great for chasing depression right out of your cell tissue. Warm up with abdominal exercises, Flash Prep and Sun Salutations before doing handstands. Do them daily. You deserve to be thrilled and exhilarated every day!
Star Chakra Handstand Is Great For:
Core strength and upper body strength.
Lengthens psoas, hip flexors and quadriceps.
Refreshing and washing brain.

How To Perform 

Do this pose close enough to a wall that you can touch it with your foot in Handstand. The wall is your safety net. As you get farther away from the wall, place hands on floor, shin distance from wall, shoulder width apart. Activate hands, by spreading through palm and fingers. Align shoulders over wrists and wrap shoulder blades toward armpits. Push the ground away with the hands, activating forearm muscles and make space in the wrist joints.

Exhale: Lightly kick up into Handstand Splits (foot on the wall if you need it). Turn on abdominal muscles, tuck tailbone and buttock muscles up. Activate feet and legs.

Inhale: Send breath into pelvis. Lift through genital/buttock muscles. Push through the balls of the feet.

Exhale: Bend knees. Continue tucking tailbone/buttocks up. Feel for connecting psoas, hip flexor and quads.

Switch sides: Either come out of the pose and float up with the opposite leg first or breathe deeply, steady your balance and focus. Inhale: Straighten legs.

Exhale: Move through centre to the other side.

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