STRADDLE THRONE - Intermediate pose

How to Perform

FLYER: From High Flying Whale, bend your knees to 90-degrees and lift your hips up. The base will reorganise the handgrip on your feet so that you have support for this action. Flex your feet which will increase your control and give you something to pull against as the base wraps their hands around your feet. Start to roll up with chin to chest as the base places both feet (one by one) under each of your sitting bones. This requires trust and a spotter (3rd person if you have not done this before). You will need to pour weight on one side/foot and focus on keeping your shape as the base repositions the other foot which will be placed under your hamstring halfway towards the knee. Turn that knee out to the side slightly, wrap your leg in front of the base’s shin and hook with the foot. Sit onto that leg as the base places the other foot on the other side. To come out, reverse.

BASE: From High Flying Whale, change the handgrip from the ankle to the foot, fingers wrapped over the top of the foot so the flyer can pull against your grip. Take one foot out and place it underneath the flyer’s sitting bone, as they sit up bring them closer to you so your legs can be more vertical and place your other foot under their sitting bone, feet parallel. You are now in Throne. To move to Straddle Throne you need to place one of your feet under your flyer’s hamstring, their knee is turned out so that your foot can remain parallel, repeat on the opposite side. To come out, reverse.


If you’re comfortable in this pose (flyer), release one leg for variation.


A third person (spotter) is generally recommended to keep things safe.

Base has tight hamstrings? Place a rolled up matt underneath their bottom, this will help maintain a line even when legs are bent.

For more stability for base and flyer, bring the knees forwards a little.


Come out of the pose or adjust foot placement if there is any discomfort.
See or adjust foot placement if there is any discomfort.