Stress Busting Sequence

Begin With: 4 rounds of Anuloma Viloma Pranayama then 5 Rounds Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation

1. Sirsasana II – From Downward dog, exhale and walk feet in, place hands at 90-degree angle in line with chest, and place crown of head to mat. Bring knees to backs of arms, inhale then elevate legs to parallel keeping feet flat, draw in with Uddiyana and Mula Bandha. Or keep legs bent for Ardha Sirsasana. Take 10-25 breaths, lower into Balasana.

2. Kapotasana – Kneel upright, place hands on sacrum, exhale and begin to bend backward slowly, and then reach arms long placing palms on mat or on soles of feet. Bring forehead to mat and lift up through hip pointers. Expand through heart for 5 breaths, rise then lower into Balasana.

3.  Uttitha Parsvakonasana – Rise to Tadasana, exhale and step feet 3 1/2-4 feet apart. Parallel arms, palms facing down. Inhale, point right foot forward and turn left in at 90-degrees, bend at front knee keeping it perpendicular to mat. Firm legs, lift out of waist, and bring torso over right thigh placing arm on leg or taking a half or full bind. Take 5 – 7 breaths.

4. Natarajasana Rise to Tadasana- inhale, shift weight to left foot, bend right knee and take hold of back of right foot, right hand facing inward.

Exhale, raise left arm to sky and bring hips in line with right knee. Inhale, extend torso and tip forward, reaching through left arm with weight of right foot and hand creating a suspended balance. Take 5-7 breaths.

5. Ardhachandra Chapasana – From Natrajasana, inhale and rise to parallel still holding right foot with right hand. Exhale to lift torso and bow forward, placing left hand to mat a few inches in front of left foot or floating the hand and taking mudra.

End by:
Taking Sarvangasana for 10-25 breaths then Halasana for 10 breaths. Close with 10 minute Savanasana.

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