Nestled in the bustling and creative heart of London’s East End you will find Stretch. For the last 5 years husband and wife team Carl and Sophie have steered this unique community yoga studio from it’s humble beginnings in a simple warehouse space, to a large two-roomed studio just of Broadway Market, plus their little sibling Stretch on Columbia Road, a cosy boutique studio a few minutes down the street in Shoreditch.

Each of the Stretch studios has their own character that reflects their local community, but both studios offer a warm yet minimal feel. The unimposing nature of the spaces are mirrored in the programming. The team at Stretch opt for an inclusive and non-dogmatic approach to yoga, eschewing ‘brands’ and gimmicks to the point that some classes are simply described as ‘yoga’!

Carl’s 10 years teaching has led to Stretch’s very own teacher training program, specifically catering for busy Londoners in a semi-intensive fashion. And when even this urban oasis isn’t soothing enough, you can book onto one of their many yoga excursions to Southern Spain, Ibiza, Goa, Puglia, Barcelona and Somerset to name a few.

When not on the yoga mat, Stretchers can be found hanging upside down from gymnastic rings, getting to grips with kettlebells and TRX machines, but also coming together for discussions on body image, meditation, men’s groups and women’s groups, or even trying their hand at life drawing.

Carl and Sophie truly believe that yoga is all about community, and can be found most days at the studio with the teachers and their managers Toni and Rachel having a good old chat and plenty of laughs after class

The team here are also behind the annual yoga and movement festival Exhale, incorporating not just yoga but wild-running, calisthenics, breathwork, ice baths, hot tubs and a good old fashioned rave-up in a barn!

Broadway Market
6B Ada Street
E8 4QU

Columbia Road
59 Columbia Road
E2 7RG

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