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StriveClub launch gives Londoners unlimited freedom to exercise how and when they want.

Exercising is going to get much easier from today as StriveClub launches its new innovative fitness platform. StriveClub allows members to fit an exercise regime around their own hectic timetable, as opposed to organising life around fitness class schedules. With more than 100 boutique fitness studio partners and thousands of classes available each week, members have unlimited access to fitness classes, allowing them to exercise when, where and how they want.twistedyoga

StriveClub has signed up many of the best boutique fitness studios London has to offer, ensuring thathowever exercisers like to get their fitness fix, they can find it through StriveClub. Connecting members to over 100 independent studios and dozens of different workouts, StriveClub provides great variety for fitness lovers. From taking your fitness regime to the next level with the absurdly effective Dynamic Pilates at TenPilates, through to fast paced group personal training sessions at Movers and Shapers, or a community focused approach to Yoga at Stretch in the East End, StriveClub boasts ground-breaking exercises taught by specialists in their fields.

For only £69 per month, no sign-up fees and a rolling contract that can be cancelled at any time, members can access unlimited classes across all locations from the moment they register, providing almost limitless choice. StriveClub is as much a discovery platform as it is a planning and membership tool, providing users with accessibility to the latest fitness trends and a means of trying them out without the need to pay expensive one off class fees.

feelhotyogaStriveClub allows users to create their own timetable, as opposed to having to stick to rigid gym or studio schedules, meaning they can fit in boxercise before a beard trim or boot camp after business hours. Compared to a traditional gym or studio time table, StriveClubbers will have a much more varied choice of classes, times and locations, enabling them to tailor an exercise regime to suit them.

In order to make sure the most intense part of the workout is the class, and not the complicated reservation system, the StriveClub booking process is simple and time effective. StriveClubbers can access the website either from their desktop or mobile phone, they search for their next class by location, time or ability and then book it in a matter of seconds. Everything can be done online avoiding lengthy phone calls to different studios, this way the sweating is kept inside the studio.

Founded by three school friends with a keen interest in exercise, and who have also established three successful businesses between them, StriveClub has been created out of an understanding of what the modern consumer looks for, and needs, from a monthly fitness membership. After their own experiences, the trio realised there was a gap in the market for a flexible fitness service, and StriveClub was born.

Martin Randolph, Founder of StriveClub said “As we shift towards a nation of ever more aware exercisers who want to try new things, people are no longer happy with the same gym class week in week out. Going to boutique studios that specialise in one particular fitness regime is rising in popularity and the number of studios offering this type of service are also increasing to meet StriveClub is offering members one centralised platform and membership that enables them to find a local studio that offers the class they want at a time that’s convenient for them without having to pay multiple one off class fees.

“StriveClub offers an amazing variety of workouts, bookable on one simple and accessible platform. It can be tailored to suit anyone’s lifestyle and can help provide a sense of community. It’s also a great tool that can be used to discover new forms of exercise, if you’ve never been to a Ravercise class and are curious to see what it is, all you have to do is book. There are no extra fees for any of our classes, so why not explore something new and see if you like it.”

StriveClub is the UK’s newest fitness platform that provides unlimited access to more than 100 boutique fitness studios on a simple, clear, rolling monthly membership that can be cancelled at any time. Currently, StriveClub is available online via desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile with a mobile app coming soon. Classes and fitness studios members can attend as part of their membership include Europe’s highest yoga class, Yogasphere, on the viewing platform at The Shard.