Studio of the month: L!FE

L!FE front studio
Yoga, an organic cafe and live music events all under one roof? That’s what L!FE’s about!

L!FE is a brand new Yoga studio on London’s Brick Lane offering what feels like every type of yoga class imaginable. To be precise…. 32 styles of yoga and Pilates across 111 weekly classes!

I had a few minutes to spare before my first class so decided to visit the organic cafe. The atmosphere was a little sterile, but that could be down to it being brand new. I had a small bowl of Kale crackers and a healthy ‘Seven Wonders’ juice consisting of various raw vegetables. I’m sure they were extremely good for me but hope the beneficial effects made up for the taste and the price!

L!FE has two studios – ‘The Hot Studio’ and ‘The Skylight Studio’, both of which are lovely. The Skylight Studio is flooded with natural light and the Hot Studio is very comfortable the temperature varies between 34-37 degrees depending on the class. I think these studios are definitely L!FE’s finest features. The changing rooms are perfectly ok apart from the showers. They start off fine but just when you need to rinse out your shampoo the pressure dies and you’re left with a trickle of cold water. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and put this down to teething problems.

The classes that really stood out were the Tuesday 9:30am Ashtanga with Joyce, the Friday 5pm Hot Yoga with Catia, the Tuesday 5:15pm Dharma Mitra class with Jessica and the Wednesday 8:15pm Hot Yoga 2 with Nathalie. These teachers are amazing and I’m sure, thanks to them, my practice improved tenfold over the week I was there.

L!FE inside studio

In my opinion, it’s the studios and the teachers that make this place

both are excellent. Particularly once some of the start-up issues are ironed out, I think L!FE is going to be great  I’d definitely go back. It’s going to be popular so I recommend signing up for the Introductory Offer of 20 consecutive days of unlimited yoga for only £35.