Studio Review: Embody Welness

Vauxhall is a strange part of London. It always seems to be in between places, rather than having any distinct character. I may be wrong, but this is the impression I got when I came out of the tube and was confronted by ranks of new, soulless buildings. However, Embody Wellness is far from soulless. I walked in to the spacious reception area and was met with a very warm welcome by Christian and Bruce. With windows at each end, the studio was flooded with light and coupled with its modern decor, felt fresh and lovely.

I tried the Monday morning Yoga Flow class with Florence Lefe-bvre. I have a thing about mat hygiene which is all too often over looked in some studios. Not here. The mats were clean and obvi- ously very well looked after. Florence was graceful and extremely thorough in her teaching and it was evident that she knew each student and their practice.

After the class, I took advantage of the complementary herbal tea – of which there is a great selection – before having my Parafango Body Bliss treatment with Ricardina, the resident (and charming!) beauty therapist. The treatment started with a heav- enly bespoke body massage. Ricardina picked up on my tight shoulders straight away and used massage techniques to focus on releasing the muscle tension in that area. This was followed by a warm parafango mask on my back. Parafango combines mineral rich sea mud with paraffin which eases muscles and ten- sion. Whilst the mask set, I was given a blissful foot and head massage which instantly sent me to sleep – need I say more?!

I was impressed with the amount of classes per day – an average of about 8 – as well as the extensive list of therapies and treatments on offer. My only complaint is there aren’t any showers, which after sweating in yoga and being wrapped in mud, seemed essential!
That small point aside, I thought the place was superb.

Embody Wellness
Unit 9, St George Wharf, London, SW8 2LE
020 7099 0048

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