Studio Review: Good Vibes

If you work in central London, Good Vibes offer early morning classes, express sessions at lunchtime and both early and late evening classes so there’s no excuse not to fit yoga in to your daily routine! What I like about Good Vibes is that it’s not just a yoga studio but also has Power Plates and Spincycle. Although it feels more like a gym, it’s managed to maintain the calmness and balance characteristic of a dedicated yoga studio.

I tried the Dynamic yoga class on a Monday at 6:15pm. I prepared myself for a busy class considering it was a peak time to practise and thank goodness I did because there was barely an inch between each mat. It’s always a good sign to see a full class but not so fun when you have someone’s armpit in your face!

I was told the Dynamic yoga class incorporated more advanced yoga techniques (I’m certainly not advanced!) but didn’t feel hugely challenged and came out having hardly broken a sweat. It was a solid class and the teacher was lovely but if I was being picky,

I would say the class slightly lacked fluidity and the vigour I had expected. Nevertheless I’d definitely go back and try another class as there are a number of Dynamic yoga classes on offer.

Good Vibes runs some interesting workshops on various Saturdays through the year. I was particularly intrigued by the Yoga for Runners and Cyclists and the upcoming November and December Glow Yoga Bliss workshops which are tailored to help you embrace the change in seasons.

I’d recommend trying out this studio, especially if you work in the area. Plus they have an intro offer of £30 for 30 days and if you decide you’d like to carry on (which you probably will!) there is no set contract – they offer a number of different membership options from which you can choose one which best suits you.

GOOD VIBES 14-16 Betterton Street, London, WC2H 9BU
020 7240 6111