Studio Review: Hot Bikram Yoga

Check out our latest studio review. This month we visit Hot Bikram Yoga Place, London.My first visit to Hot Bikram Yoga, London Bridge was lovely. I walked down the spiral staircase into an airy, open reception and signed up to the ‘New Students’ of- fer of 20 days for £35. Bargain! My first class was at 10am in the morning. The changing rooms were clean and the studio spacious. I was expecting to find the heat un- bearable but I’ve got to be honest, I thought the studio could have been hotter. Perhaps this was because there weren’t many people in the class?

Well that certainly wasn’t the case when I went to my next class on a Wednesday at 7pm. I arrived 10 minutes early and there was a queue snaking up the stairs and out the door. Everyone in the queue had pre-booked online but we were being told that our names were going on a waiting list because we hadn’t arrived 15 minutes prior to the start of class. It was chaos. Finally I got in and rushed to get changed. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I walked in to the studio – bodies everywhere, there wasn’t an inch of floor in sight!

From then on I just attended the morning classes (for ob- vious reasons). Cintra’s class was by far my favourite; her teaching style is informative and attentive. Most of the receptionists are very friendly and helpful; particularly Morag and the place as a whole is comfortable; although one serious gripe is that there isn’t anywhere to re-fill your water bottle – a necessity with Bikram!

Overall I would recommend this studio if you have time to go during the day, otherwise expect to queue for your place as the after work classes are extremely popular.


1A Magdalen Street, London, SE1 2EN [email protected] 020 7036 3855

Review Written by: Alexandra Martinelli

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