Studio Review: Indaba Yoga

This month I visited the Indaba yoga studio in Marylebone, London. I love this place – it’s awesome, let me tell you why…

Nestled close to Marylebone station on the quiet non-descript street of Hayes Place, there’s no suggestion of anything amazing happening. Except for the quietly confident iridescent glow coming from the studios signage.

Walk in and you immediately feel this is a studio built with heart, a big heart! The décor is contemporary and earthy, using autumnal tones that feel warm and relaxed. Everyone seems to be floating around, all very chilled with beaming smiles as they sip the free herbal tea.

An insanely awesome art piece hangs in reception, it has dozens of giant orange and red pincushions (like your granny would use) pricked into canvas – you can’t help but sneak a feel! The changing rooms are cool! I love the balance between chic styling, earthy colours and simple practicality – you could easily be at a top rated hotel.

Now, my favourite thing about Indaba is the yoga studios – what wonderful spaces! The rooms are lit to a candle glow, rich dark wood floors, aubergine walls and tinted mirrors. You can see (and feel) the affection in the design. There’s a sense of ‘home’, which is such a contrast to the typically sparse and bleached white interiors of the common yoga studio.

My class is Yogasana, a hot dynamic vinyasa flow, with Amanda Denton. It’s my first ‘hot’ vinyasa flow class, with the temperature set at 30-35C – bring it on! Amanda is wonderful, she works the room effortlessly being attentive to every student. I leave having been put through my paces, but feeling ever better and healthier!

Indaba offer a range of classes – all the favourites with some cherries thrown in for good measure… such as Acro yoga, Yin yoga, Dharma Mitra and some speciality classes for the 55+, Mummy (or Daddy) and Baby classes, even Restorative yoga. There’s also a range of holistic therapies offered from massages to reflexology.

This is a great studio with a fantastic choice of classes and teachers. Indaba Yoga will definitely be a regular fixture on my yoga calendar – go try them!

Indaba Yoga, 18 Hayes Place, London, NW1 6UA
[email protected]
020 7724 9994

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