Studio Review: Yotopia

Check out our latest studio review. This month we visit the chic new studio in London’s Covent Garden.

From the moment I stepped foot in to this studio, I knew I’d love it. It’s a calming and very wel- come retreat from the hectic, tourist drenched streets of Covent Garden. Whilst the decor is minimal and there isn’t a communal chill out area, there is an exceptional energy and warmth in the atmosphere. After speaking to Lisa, the woman behind it all (who left a successful city job to open the studio) she made it very clear, and it’s evident, that this energy comes from all the dedicated staff at Yotopia working together.

What really impressed me about this studio is that it is unlike any other in its approach to yoga and Pilates. They practise Myo-Fit sequences where the latest research shows that the body moves in spirals, not in a linear, forwards and backwards motion. It also focuses on gentle pulsing movements in postures which, when I tired Katie Court’s Yogasports class, felt quite unnatural. However, after the first few postures, my body eased in to the pulsing and I certainly felt the results the following day – a good sign!

There are two studios at Yotopia – a hot studio and a temperate studio. My favourite classes were in the hot studio as I’m a bit of a sucker for really sweating it out, but the temperate studio was also impressive. There were so many different classes on offer and I wish I had had time to try them all. Of the ones I attended, Jen Ellis’ Hot Yoga Flow and Jennifer Potter’s Hot Yo- galates were my top picks: the latter being less strenuous but equally beneficial.

Overall, this place was excellent. Plus, given its central position and the fact that Yotopia has 45-minute lunchtime classes on offer, there’s no excuse not to pop out for a downward dog or two over your lunch break!

Yotopia LTD
St Martin’s Courtyard,
13 Mercer Street, London WC2H 9QJ
[email protected]
0333 405 8888

Review Written by: Alexandra Martinelli

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