This phrase is used in abundance lately. Inviting us to take our yoga out into the world. ThankGod. It’s about time. I was worried the focus purely on inversions and see through yoga pants
might be it. Maybe this ancient, sacred practice had become bogged down in the corporate
marketplace. Unable to break free of the tar pit, eventually cast aside for the next ‘big thing’
which promises to captivate and titillate.

I believe the ancient yogis were not meant to spend their days forever meditating in caves,
but rather to bring a renewed sense of awareness back into society. What can we give others
that will have benefit to all? For the Dalai Lama’s birthday he stated that the only gift
he wanted, was for each of us to show more compassion into our daily lives. Today I was
reminded of how a single moment of kindness from a stranger can change the outlook of my
day. And how a single act of compassion on my part gives me an equally enjoyable perspective
of the moment.


The opportunities are many; we don’t have to look far. Let someone cut in front of you in traffic during rush hour. Lend your ear to a friend in need; spend a moment chatting with an elderly neighbour. A simple act such as holding a door for someone who may be physically challenged or have their arms full carrying a child brings joy to my life. I find immense satisfaction from the simple act of releasing an insect caught in my house instead of smashing it. Giving a dollar to someone less fortunate won’t change his or her world, but it gets me headed in the right direction. And I always feel awesome doing it.

For many, yoga brings an increased awareness to the world around us. Sometimes gradual,
often times sudden. Like walking out of a dark movie theatre into a bright sunny day, the
intensity of suffering in the world can be overwhelming. There are only so many hours in
the day, only so much one person can do. Each of us has special gifts that we can share
with others. Tapping into those qualities and allowing the divine to work through us brings
meaning and purpose to our lives. The mundane routine can become sacred ritual.

While the physical asana practice supplies much of what we need to maintain our vitality and
stamina, the good deeds of Karma yoga sends waves of joy resonating beyond the body and
out into our communities. Bring healing to the hearts of those who are suffering, and you
align with the divine source. You taste the sweet fruit that is known as dharma.
Where we take this thing called yoga is entirely up to the individual. It has the potential to
reach far beyond the confines of our neatly arranged environmentally friendly sticky mats.
Going outside of our comfort zone doesn’t have to be purely physical. May your path be one
of growth and understanding. It’s an honour to spend some time walking together.

Namaste dear friends,
Yogi Rob
Also known as ‘Yogi Rob’, Rob Hefele E-RYT 200 is a yoga teacher in Florida and designs
‘Urban Yogi’ yoga clothing for men and women.

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