Tanja Alexandra Kern

Tanja is a passionate yoga instructor and empowerment coach.

She was born and raised in Germany. Her world travels took her to California in 2002 where she discovered the transformative power of yoga. Deeply inspired and having found her calling, she expanded her studies in Hong Kong, India and Thailand. Back in California, she became a yoga Instructor in 2011 and now shares her love of yoga and all its benefits with others. Yoga has been a light on her path, inspiring her to follow her heart and live the life of her dreams.

She leads classes and workshops out of Mendocino Healing, a yoga and wellness studio on California’s Mendocino Coast. Her practice has attracted an enthusiastic community of like-minded yogis, offering a safe sanctuary to practise, laugh, learn, grow, and connect.

Tanja incorporates empowerment coaching, aromatherapy and meditation into her yoga sessions to encourage self-acceptance, awareness and mindfulness. Combining intuition, compassion, and heartfelt care, she invites her clients to release stress and discover the essence of health, happiness and wellbeing. She also offers Reiki trainings, and has created a new yoga specialty, Lunar Goddess Yoga.

Through yoga and her other complimentary practices, Tanja is dedicated to helping people become empowered and discover their true potential. With guidance, caring and considerable perseverance, Tanja supports her clients to live the life of their dreams.

For more information, visit
www.MendocinoHealing.com and Facebook.com/MendocinoHealing
Images by Denise De Luise Photography

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