Teacher of the Month: Amanda Denton

I grew up in Dorset surrounded by beautiful countryside in which I immersed myself, and for as long as I can remember I danced. In the 1980s I trained as a dancer at the Laban Centre and in art at Goldsmiths College, and was looking forward to a profession in the performing arts. But after breaking my back in a riding accident my life was changed, and I turned to the ‘healing arts’, qualifying in massage and aromatherapy in 1990.

Yoga also drew me in because it had enabled me to come to terms with my injury, physically and mentally.It helped people help themselves, rather than rely on somebody else.

After training as a yoga teacher (Yogi Siromani) at the Sivananda Centre in Kerala, India, my eyes were opened to the holistic approach to life yoga offered and I came back eager to continue learning. I have not stopped. I have learned enormously from several yoga practices, including Iyengar, Kundalini, Ashtanga and Jivamukti, and I give great thanks to all my teachers (especially Stewart Gilchrist). I have developed my teaching, working with yoga as a moving meditation; an uninterrupted flow of breath, mindfulness and concentration, encouraging the individual to become self-aware and explore all aspects of yoga to find their own peace.

‘Yoga is for everyone, not just the physically able, as long as you can breathe you can practise yoga’.

In my experience, yoga is an all encompassing training allowing us to cope with the ups and downs, stresses and challenges of our daily lives.

To find out more about Amanda,
visit: amandadentonyoga.com