Teacher of the month – Amy Landry

I was awakened to yoga in 2006 whilst working internationally as a professional dancer. My journey began with a consistent practice of Power Vinyasa Flow, allowing for the same fluidity and expression that dance had always offered, but with the added spiritual practice.
Three years later, on a contract dancing in Macau, I suffered a crippling hamstring tear. Two months onward I was injured in a serious fire accident. It became the end of my professional career, after miraculously finishing out my contract. At this point I travelled to Canada, and became engaged, to then go on and be married in Australia in 2010.

Observing not only how yoga aided in recovery of the many dance injuries I sustained throughout the years, it also offered me clarity and space. My life began revolving around its practices, progressing towards a total life transformation.

Presently in 2013, I teach full time in my hometown of Newcastle, Australia. My schedule consists of mostly public classes, and additionally, private lessons, corporate yoga, and yoga for high school teens. Off the mat, my time is filled formally studying Ayurveda. I’m also an avid book reader, tea drinker, cat lover, and nature appreciator.

From both teacher and student perspective, I witness the yoga practice as an aid to releasing layers of the ego, to find more authenticity within. I encourage others to uncover the deeper layers of the self to initiate change, growth and healing.

As a global traveller, I envision a future teaching the community internationally. I am an ambassador for Manduka, Blooming Lotus Jewelry, Abi and Joseph, Juil, Yoga Beyond, and Kira Grace. I am devoted to sharing the ancient practices with others, as well as helping each soul to find their individual flow and full potential.

Connect with Amy online at amyelandry.com or @amyelandry 


James Cooper – Teacher profile image and yoga sequence.

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