Teacher of the month: Catie Foroughi

Hedge Funds Lawyer to Internationally Renowned Super Yoga Master
I’m a Yoga Therapist and Integrative Body Worker with a difference based in Chelsea, London. I have a Complete Freedom approach and conduct all types of classes including one-on-one and group yoga, master classes and yoga retreats to the world’s most naturally beautiful locations including Turkish gulets on the Azure sea, Italian farmhouses and the Azores. In my hometown I carry out park, studio and boat yoga, and I work with homeless people through my Crisis Christmas sessions and in a church in Chelsea.

I share a core approach that anything is possible, and I remain spontaneous with a highly original and integrated approach to yoga. My dynamic energy connects with everyone, and I have developed my own formless/form of yoga – Cyoga.

I naturally embodied yoga in a very lucid manner since childhood and delight in the play of form. My passion guides and informs every action. This moment is for fun and the ‘all-encompassing vision’ creates beauty, love and absolute joy. CYoga brings that delight, ability and creative connection to everyone so we are all on a super fun journey. Movement, words, expressions and everything spring from space, without limits. CYoga is this moment’s glory, unity and experience. We understand that all creation is here, present in our beings being realised and embraced. This is where we inhale – this is where we exhale. CYoga allows one to be all abilities. This is it!

I present an all-encompassing experience and find visions actualised in a totally amazing way.  In CYoga bodies become exceptional with holistic strength, profound love, joy and flexibility, which allows natural understanding so that relaxation into and celebration of this moment manifests in all its beauty. Experience the CYoga class and be the revolution: ‘Wherever laugh and the heart beat originates.’

For more information, visit cyoga.co.uk

Credits Clothing: Lululemon, Sweaty Betty, Pain de sucre, Marzipants

Jewellery: Kabiri

Photography: Charlotte Player and Miranda Hudson


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