Teacher of the month: Duncan Wong

Here he is, the yogi who combines, body and spirit in an elegant flow.

From a life of artistic passion, even during his youthful migrant farm work, motorcycle gang life and kickboxing days as a ring fighter, there was always the calm yogi, search- ing for ways to channel the intensity born to him; circling the mainstream of the world, finding pockets of consciousness and grace where community was developed.

After a lifetime of exploring the limits of movement and the limitlessness of love and service, Duncan Sensei, as he is known on earth, comes correct with proper flow me- chanics and an intention to share awakening; one Love Warrior at a time.

After establishing his Yogic Arts Kula, or community, first in San Francisco, California in 1995, then in New York City in 2000, during the past decade his work has become global as a result of his extensive outreach work in the field of building aliveness in the people he trains.

Now married to a Samurai woman in old Zen town Kyoto with 10-month old identical twin sons, Duncan is more often seen with two on the knee; chanting the mumbling mantras of “goo goo gaga gee gee” to the delight of his sun stars, Satoru and Subaru.

For more information visit yogicarts.com duncan-wong.com


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