Gwen Lawrence

My journey began way back when I was three when I started dancing. This was the commencement of creating messages with my body. I continued through high school and college, and studied art as I was enthralled by figure drawing and the human body, and well consumed by anatomy and physiology.After attaining my degree in Art and Dance I immediately went on to New York’s prestigious Swedish Institute of Allied Health Science to become a Massage Therapist, building a successful practice and working on my own under Doctors and Therapists and learned a ton. I was also training celebrities and loving my job. One of my celebrity clients I was currently training for a movie, asked me to go to California to get certified in yoga so I could do yoga with her. I’d just had had my third son and it was a perfect time, and the rest is history.
Way back in massage school my interest was in applying my knowledge to work with athletes having witnessed my boyfriend’s (and future husband) journey to play pro baseball. People ridiculed me for my lofty goals, but that didn’t stop me, it propelled me.
I’m now a Yoga Coach for five professional teams in NY including Super Bowl Champions, the New York Giants. My energies these days are volunteering my time with local high schools, working with Olympic athletes, NCAA champs, World Series winners, All Stars, soccer moms and people rehabbing. Nothing inspires me more than hearing the stories of triumph
from my students. People that have overcome adversity and have succeeded in spite of them; people who weather the storm and live to tell and to pass on their knowledge. People that believe that trying is an excuse for future failures, and believing in themselves to do and succeed.
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