Teacher of the Month: Marie-Laure Desire

I discovered yoga shortly after the birth of my first daughter, Noa, almost eight-years ago. It was love at first sight in both instances.
Amelie, one of my closest childhood friends from France, had just arrived in London and she gave me a Power Yoga lesson. I was feeling weak after giving birth, physically and emotionally. The practice was a revelation. Over the next few months I became addicted, so much so that in January 2007 Amelie and I decided to quit our jobs and go to Miami to train as yoga teachers.

At the time the decision felt right but it would never have happened without the support of my husband he realised how hesitant I was about leaving him alone with our young daughter, but he wanted me to pursue my passion and gave me the encouragement I needed.

The six-weeks we spent in the US were intensive, exhausting, but incredibly rewarding. We returned to London clutching our diplomas and inspired to open a studio of our own. By May we had found premises, obtained a small bank loan and the Power Yoga Company was born.

Six-years on, we have a second daughter, Adele, and our studio is thriving, attracting students from all over London. Although much of my time today is spent running the business, my first love will always be teaching.

I love yoga for the serenity, the balance, the focus and the general sense of well being it gives. Most importantly, I love yoga for what it really is: the most wonderful way to live a full and happy life, in the present moment.

I am aware it sounds evangelic, but I firmly believe that the world would be a better place if more people did yoga! As a very wise man once said, “practice and all is coming.”


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