Teacher of the month: Nathalie Mukusheva

I started a yoga practice around 2000. After studying ballet and rhythmic gymnastics from early childhood and later branching out into other disciplines including Aerial Hoop, Floor-Barre® and Contortion training, my initial attraction to yoga was to advance the flexibility and freedom of movement I had enjoyed so much previously.
My path to becoming a yoga teacher was quite complex as initially I thought the physical practice was ‘easy’ thanks to muscle memory imparted from previous training, and it took several years to overcome my ego and progress to a deeper understanding of what this practice truly has to offer.

I was very fortunate to encounter some truly inspirational teachers along the way who showed me that yoga is about so much more than flexibility and asana poses. My teacher Olof Kuijt, whose knowledge of asana and anatomy is beyond inspiring, encouraged me to go to New York to study with Dharma Mittra who imparts all of the traditional teachings of yoga with true devotion, compassion and patience.

On my return to London I was then lucky enough to connect with Mark Kan, the first certified Dharma Yoga teacher in the UK and founder of Dharma Yoga London. Mark embodies and passes on in his teaching the same qualities of yoga he learned from Sri Dharma Mittra; those of humility, compassion, humour, selfless service and non violence.

It has always been my complete honour and privilege to share every bit of knowledge I have learned about yoga, anatomy, movement, alignment and dance with every single student no matter what their age or level of experience.

This practice truly is for anyone and everyone. My classes range from teaching Senior Citizens in a Community Centre to beginners and advanced level studio classes, as well as working with professional athletes, cyclists and dancers. The more I study anatomy and the vehicle that is the human body the more I appreciate the perfect and complete system that yoga provides to release tension from the body and to discover our own truth.

I currently teach yoga and New York FloorBarre classes at Alchemy Centre (alchemythecentre.co.uk), Yoga Place E2 (yogaplace.co.uk), H2 Bike Run Soho (h2bikerun.co.uk) and L!fe Shoreditch (lifeshoreditch.co.uk).

For more information on my classes, workshops and retreats, visit at my website nathaliemukusheva.com

Photos: Phil Miller www.philmillerphotography.com Shot at: Yoga Place E2 yogaplace.co.uk