Beginners Pose Teepee Twist variation


• Sit upright with legs extended in front of you (Dandasana).

• Exhale to bend the knees and draw the knees into the chest so that you place the soles of the feet where the knees were.

• With the knees together and feet together, press the soles of the feet down into the earth as you inhale, and as you exhale wrap the right arm around the tops of the shins/knees and hug the knees in towards your body as you begin to twist to the left.

• Inhale and elevate the left arm and as you exhale place the left hand on the floor behind to act as a support, press down into the seat bones as you elevate through the crown of the head as you deepen the twist and take the gaze across the left shoulder.

• You may choose to hold this Teepee Twist, or move into the variation to deepen the twist (as pictured).

• Continue to engage the thighs, and release the right arm upwards as you inhale extending the elbow, as you exhale reach the right upper arm to the outside of the left thigh so that the direction of the right arm follows the direction of the legs and the fingers point to the earth.

• Press into the left thigh with the upper right arm as the thighs and feet remain engaged, drawing towards the midline of the body.

• Hold for 5 – 10 breaths and repeat on the other side.


• Keep the right arm wrapped around the knees for a more gentle twist, particularly if there is a history of spine or neck injuries.

• You can use a block/support under the left hand to elevate the spine if you are collapsing back into the back arm.


• Stretches and mobilises the shoulders, hips, and neck.
• Stimulates the liver and kidneys and stomach agni (digestive fire).
• Offers relief from menstrual discomfort, fatigue, sciatica, and backache.
• Energises the spine.


• Spine or back injury.

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