The Big Ohmm

Sex is our spiritual practice and our natural birthright. It’s free, fun, bonding, loving and keeps you fits, puts a spring in your step, releases happy hormones in your system and calms your brain. Other health benefits include boosting immune systems and libidos, lessening pain, enhancing sleep and soothing stress So here’s a guide to use all things yoga to help you enjoy this natural wonder to its full potential. It’ll help you overcome barriers, create more energy, banish negativity, become confident with your mind, body and partner and become more open in communication. If you are abstaining at the moment then perhaps this tool-kit consisting of visualization, meditation, breathing, bonding. yoga and much more will benefit you in other aspects of your life. So now plan some quiet time and indulge. I invite you to open your hearts and minds and full beings ready to ride the waves of pleasure and float on a cloud of silver lining to heaven… maybe even outer space! I’m going to use the acronym PEEMS to structure this foreplay which will enlighten you to the 5 layers of our being.


Positions experiment with angles of your body to explore all the thousands of nerve endings between you. Invest in a Kama Sutra guide to give you some ideas (the ancient Indian texts in 7 sections with the 2nd section. ‘On Sexual Union’ detailing different sexual positions). Why not try out naked yoga positions whilst making love?

Partner Yoga will create that cosmic connection through eye contact and touch whilst tuning in to one another’s bodies and being empathetic with each other’s barriers and blockages. It ll be a warming foreplay by stretching out those inner thighs, hips and tight shoulders ready for a little bedroom gymnastics. What a fun way to burn calories!

Strengthen yes, why not embark on a bedroom specific workout to enhance your sex life. Try Kegels for the pelvic floor muscles, core work to support your back and limbs, Sun Salutes for military style, squats for aesthetic as well as physically pleasing reasons

Massage take turns in giving shoulder rubs or massage whichever Massage muscle groups require some TLC; this will relax you, create a bond between you and set the feel good hormones flowing through your system along with stimulating those erogenous nerve endings.

Pranayama take a few moments to balancé the flow of breath in your body which will reduce cortisol and relax the nervous system or trace your partner, taking in their breath as you breathe to conjure a magical connection all whilst gazing in to the windows of their soul.


Inversions practice these for low energy. Down Dog will classically rejuvenate the whole body whilst bringing fresh blood to the brain, Headstand and Should understand will make you tingle all over when you come out of these poses or practice Sun Salutes to wake up your System.

Food consume a balanced and healthy plate regular to make your system rock and for you to feel vibrant and up for it. Listen to your body when you eat a meal, does it make you feel good or does it taste good but make you feel bad, sluggish and bloated? Not so sexy.

Communicate to bring different energies in to sync (eg. if one of you had a relaxing day, one had hectic meet in the middle to avoid clashes or friction and bring empathy whilst tuning in)

Dancing mirror each other s moves bring your individual energies in to alignment and bring you out your comfort zones.

Make-up to save wasting energy. Life is too short. Communicate any 1ssues calmly then communicate in a kiss to search.


Meditate to bring yourself in to equilibrium and recognize if in a depressed or ecstatic state.

Sharing is caring – share your emotions so you understand what state of mind you are both in without guessing games or misunderstandings.

Kiss and cuddle to get the oxytocin flowing which will enhance your immune systems, lessen pain and create that all important sexy and warm bond.

Play and laugh together to induce fun and get you both in the mood, raising the happy hormones.

Meet in each other’s world a useful NLP trick to understand where the other person is coming from is by putting yourself in their shoes and then embodying their frame of mind.


Fantasy before you have sex take a moment to yourself to shut down the daily grind of the mind and tune in to your sexual energy; the more you practice this the easier and faster it’ll be to flick the switch between a stressful day and sexy soiree. You can even do this on the tube home by tuning out with some tantric music, smiling serenely whilst everyone else read the Metro or plays games on their phones or do this together when you’re reunited visualizing your fantases out loud and feeling the sensations of the body.

Meditate to file away the day and to clear the brain clutter ready for the launch or run through your chakras to find out which are blocked so that prana (life force) can flow freely through your system and multiply your orgasms.

Tum off/Tune in – at night switch off all electrical gadgets. particularly Email, WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger and anything that takes your attention away from the glory of indulging all of your senses during over making. n the morning, the first thing you should be turning on  is each other not your phones laptops, kettles and toasters.

Pause if you sense an argument is brewing and its about to spoil your nooky take breath to create a gap step back from the predicament as it a third person is looking down n you both and try to see reason together maybe even augh it off as bickering is often over something trivial.


Nature    There is nothing more liberating than a swim  in the sea, working up a sweat up a mountain or rolling around together in hay. Connect with all that is greater than ourselves and you’ll in to the gap’ labelled by Deepak Chopra, which is a moment when you have no worries about the past or future, just the here and now, together Attitude of Gratitude embodying this will only attract positive energy your way. Tell each other about the qualities you are grateful for to get the sparks flying and the connection buzzing. It’s so easý to get caught up in frustrations and negativity when each time you feel this happening, you can quash it with positivity and being grateful for all of your partner’s qualities and time together.

Soul Searching– connect with like-minded folk so you are not going against the grain and your values are aligned t you are single there are many social events or clubs at which to find your perfect companion or you can start your own but first, be sure to understand your very own values and work on any imbalances in your life so you are manifesting with good energy.

Connect with others-join group activities together such as dancing, singing, sports, yoga, tantra workshops etc.

Stargaze lay under a clear sky at night and marvel at how the universe brought you both together, hold hands and just “be’.

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions or are busy conjuring up your own or even making mental notes about the points within the layers of our being that you may be Out of touch with. You are beautiful spiritual beings and deserve the best in our short and mind-blowing time on this Earth. Check-in with your PEEMS daily, weekly. monthly or whenever you’re feeling out of kilter and be blown away by the experiences you are able to encounter in your physical, emotional, energetic, physiological and of course spiritual beings