The Cancer Vaccine Institute

The Cancer Vaccine Institute (CVI) is the only national charity in the UK that exclusively funds research into fighting cancer with vaccines and immunotherapy. Our vision is that cancer vaccines will become a standard and mainstream form of treatment for cancer, both improving survival rates and patients’ quality of life for a wide range of cancers.

There is clear evidence that the immune system plays a role in fighting tumors and cancers and our role at the CVI is to research further into how and why immunotherapy works to allow us to develop more effective treatments for cancer.
“My interest in cancer vaccines started many years ago when the idea arose that some cancers were caused by viruses. That led logically to the idea that it would be possible to raise an immune response against cancer and I became interested in vaccines.” Professor Angus Dalgleish, Principal of the CVI.

We have treated many cancer patients whose quality of life has been consequently improved and many are still alive and well today. But we are a very small charity and work incredibly hard to raise enough funds each year in order to continue with our research work. We rely entirely on voluntary contributions so really do need your help.

You can help us by:

• Taking part in runs and challenges
• Becoming a CVI Ambassador
• Setting up company donations or staff fundraising events
• Setting up a Tribute Fund in honour of your loved one
• Volunteering at our fundraising events or organising your own
• Making a direct donation

All money raised will support the CVI’s pioneering research work and bring hope to future generations.

For more information on our work and fundraising activities, or to donate or

request a fundraising pack, please visit or call 0845 602 0662

Professor Angus Dalgleish 2



Professor Angus Dalgleish,
Principal of the CVI

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