The Karen Hill Tribes Trust

The Karen hill tribes living in the remote mountains of Northwest Thailand are one of the most unique ethnic minorities in the world. Their language, belief systems and traditional dress distinguish them from the rest of the Thai population. So does their poverty…
Of the 400,000 Karen living in Thailand it is estimated that 40% do not have access to clean water.  Flash flooding regularly wipes out crop production, making it impossible to generate an income. Living off less than £1 per day, the average Karen family will suffer from poor health and undernourishment. Only 1 in every 4 children completes their education because they cannot afford to pay for a bus to school.

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The Karen Hilltribes Trust (KHT) was set up in 1999 to work in partnership with the Karen people to help them to build a better future.

Its three key aims are to improve:

Health – through clean water systems and mosquito nets

Education – through transport, school meals and scholarships

Agriculture – through irrigation systems which bring land back into production

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KHT supports the Karen in projects which lead to self-help and sustainability while still retaining their identity and culture. We are helping people to help themselves.This year the Karen people have been suffering from diseases like malaria, and many thousands, including children, are going hungry. KHT urgently needs funds to be able to support the poorest schools and villages.

£10 can feed a child at school for 1 month

£20 will provide mosquito nets for an entire family

£100 per month will fund a school bus 

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 If you would be like to make a donation or sponsor a project please do so securely online at 

You can also contact us by phone or email we would love to hear from you!

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