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-CHAPTER-8 Series


CHAPTER 8: Continued from previous issue of YOGA Magazine…

An account of how the life force power of Kundalini bestows many Siddhis and Blessings

Words: Yogi Raj Muni

I was getting agitated and worried. Yogi Ji had told me before he left with Tulsi that the King Pigeons would arrive soon. They were coming to collect the bottles and take them to far-off lands. They had to be filled with ointments, liquids and dried medicine. Yogi Ji was also an Ayurvedic specialist. Throughout my training, he had bee teaching me the importance of natural healing and medicine. But there were several hundreds of bottles. I knew that this was a task that could not be completed on my own. Hence why Yogi Ji had told me to enlist the help of the ants. He had said, “Several million ants occupy the Yoga Bhavan. They have their own kingdom overruled by a Queen ant. You don’t see them often, as they live inside the cave walls, rocks and crevices. They live alongside us, but not with us Muni’’. As far as I could see, everyone was enjoying practising yoga, from Bushie,
to the ant. I waited patiently for the red ant to come out of sheershasana pose which he eventually did. He lowered all his legs down to the floor. ‘‘See bhai sahib’’, whispered the ant. I could hardly hear him.

‘‘A good dose of blood to the head, when one is upside down, makes the blood go round. It makes one think clearer thoughts!’. I suggest you do the same’’. Bushie wandered over and sat down near the ant. ‘‘Dear ant please tell me more about sheershasana’’. The ant looked over at Bushie and nuzzled his fur. ‘‘You have silky fur’’ said the ant. ‘‘May I help myself to a few strands to take away for the Queen ant?’’. Bushie nodded politely, ‘’of course you can. Take whatever you need. I can grow back more. What will you use it for?’’ ‘‘To line the Queen’s bed’’, said the red ant. And with that he proceeded to pull 3 strands of fur out of Bushie’s tail . He placed them carefully to the side, while Muni and Bushie watched. After that the ant climbed up to near Bushie’s ear, and described the headstand pose.

‘‘Sheershana is a majestic pose for optimum health and well-being. As you know Bushie, if you perform it regularly it will provide you with nourishment and sustenance affecting each limb of the body, massaging internal organs, providing blood circulation boost and for invigorating you. It also feeds the hair follicles on the scalp providing them with food to grow stronger’’.

The ant looked over at Bushie, ‘‘tell us more about the technique that you were performing as Muni was not sure you were performing it correctly’’. Bushie replied, ‘‘I was practising a yoga exercise that Yogi Ji imparted to me. It is from the family of Kechari Mudra techniques. It is a secret technique and Yogi Ji told me it was for me to practise, for now. It is an ancient technique that is used to bestow powers such as being able to communicate with higher beings, – that are not seen with the invisible eye’’. Bushie continued, ‘‘and to awaken innate powers – to be able to communicate with Light beings.’’.

‘‘Can you please explain a bit more’’, I asked curiously, interjecting the conversation between the ant and Bushie. The ant nodded in agreement. ‘‘There isn’t more to tell Muni. That is all that has been revealed to me by Yogi Ji,’’ replied Bushie. The ant proceeded to climb up the rock to where I was sitting. He investigated the bite which he had made on my ankle. It was deep and bloody. ‘‘Why did you have to do that to me pipilika (ant)? It was painful!’’ I spoke. The ant was embarrassed and looked remorseful. ’‘Sorry I didn’t mean to be bite so deeply. It was merely to teach you not to laugh at Bushie. You were not nice to him. And anyway, who are you to assume that what Bushie was doing was incorrect?’’. I patted the bite mark. The ant suggested that we perform yoga together, something that I enjoyed doing, being my lifetime work. ‘‘Let’s perform Bhujangasana. That will help us relax and then we can get started on the bottles task’’, said the ant. I agreed. Bushie said he would make some herbal tea for us, using dried Tulsi leaves. The Tulsi plant is revered in these parts of the world because of its many healing properties. It is even considered to be of divine origin. Our occupant Tulsi in the cave, who Yogi Ji had ascribed the title Guru Tulsi, was out with Yogi Ji.

Occasionally whenever he went out of Cave to attend business outside with Yogi Ji he would gift one of his leaves to us. We would place it in a special jar that was kept on the 920,634591 shelf in the cave on the 90th section. When required we would take the jar down and remove some tulsi leaves and brew them to make tea. Me and the ant lay down on the floor to perform Bhujangasana which means serpent or cobra. We lay down onto our naval side and propped the upper body up onto our arms and stretched our legs backwards. In my case, I only had two legs and they were kept together. We kept our arms straight and raised our head as if we were serpents.
We inhaled and exhaled slowly, and could feel the energetic pull in our stomach area. Yogi Ji had once told me that the Bhujangasana if practised regularly will help awaken the Kundalini energy. We inhaled and exhaled deeply and through the nose. Yogi Ji had also told me that this was an ancient asana and that at Chapter II, Asanas stanza 43 of ‘The Gheranda Samitha,’ it is stated that ‘‘by practicing bhujangasana, the physical fire will increase, and
all diseases will be destroyed.

The serpent Kundalini-shakti will awaken.’’ Bhujangasana also forms part of the Surya Namaskaram set of 12 yoga exercises done in one sequence. After performing the Bhujangasana we rested for a while. The red ant said, “My name is Rudraksha Pipilika. I am a worker ant’’. ‘‘That’s a beautiful name. It holds full in the mouth,’’ I said. ‘‘I am named after a berry, that grows in the Himalayas.’’ Rudraksha Pipilika blushed so that his cheeks became black, but his face was red. His was gigantic, compared to the rest of his body. ‘‘Only few advanced yogic practitioners are proficient at performing the technique that Bushie was doing earlier.” He said. I wandered about the practise of Kechari mudra which Yogi Ji had made me practise several months ago.

We had spent many days elongating my tongue and it was painful. The purpose was for me to turn it inside my mouth upwards to the back palate of my mouth, to access some siddhis – not literally outwards like Bushie had been performing. I remained silent for a few minutes as I pondered on this. One of the reasons that I was learning Kechari mudra from Yogi Ji was to strengthen my eyesight, but also to access the power of Light. Rudraksha imparted further knowledge about the Kechari mudra ‘‘it is an advanced technique as you know Muni. It cannot be learnt without strict supervision of a teacher. Once learnt the tongue acts like a key to open a secret that is not known to us, but is then revealed. One such siddhi that is acquired by performing Kechari mudra is the ability to communicate with beings that exist in Light’’. ‘‘What do you mean Rudraksha?’’ I asked. ‘‘Muni, there are entities that occupy Light. When you see light streaming in, the source for us here in this world is principally considered to be the Sun. If you look closely Muni, with the spiritual eye – you will notice another universe – parallel to us – living and moving within Light’’.

I sighed and smiled. ‘‘I understand Rudraksha. Yogi Ji has taught me that ancient mantras can be recited to connect with the Light and to access knowledge from it. It depends on the quality of Light for it has many dispositions and colours’’. ‘‘Yes, that is correct’’ replied Rudraksha the ant. I lay down to the side and continued sharing my knowledge acquired from Yogi Ji to Rudraksha, ‘‘Light is not just from the Sun, it is also derived from the Moon and from other planetary constellations as well. In the sciences of astrology and astronomy according to ancient texts, Light beings from other Universes can also be summoned’’. What Bushie was doing was interesting. It looked like Kechari Mudra but not performed internally. I wandered if this was something that Yogi Ji would teach me at some stage or not. I knew that, at the moment, my tongue was definitely not long enough to carry out the technique that Bushie was performing. The ant imparted more information about Bushie’s yoga technique, ‘‘by elongating his tongue and placing it on the third eye point what Bushie was doing was activating the third eye Muni. The movement of the tongue acts like a ‘special magical’ key that awakens that point in a way that it doesn’t when other types of techniques are performed. The technique is millions of years old’’.

The Kundalini Memoirs of a Yogi
To be continued, in the next issue of YOGA Magazine…

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