The Prison Phoenix Trust believes that everyone deserves a fresh start. We help prisoners towards that start by providing them with the materials and on going support to set up and continue a daily practice of yoga and meditation.

“Meditation is going to be the key. I often sit quietly and think of the effects of my actions on others, and what I must do to repay those whom I’ve hurt so much.”
(A prisoner – HMP Parkhurst)

We help prisoners by: Training qualified yoga teachers for prison and help establishing weekly prison classes for prisoners and staff. We have classes in over half of British and Irish prisons. Sending free books and CDs out to prisoners who request them. We send over 5,000 of these a year.

 Offering personal correspondence with prisoners about their meditation and yoga practice. Sending a quarterly newsletter, mostly written by prisoners. When inmates practise yoga and meditation, they gradually lose a lifetime sense of separation. Prisoners writing to the Trust regularly say that their practice has helped them manage stress and anger, and their relationships with others have improved, which helps with resettlement. They often discover for the first time something in themselves they like, and that they have an ability to make choices about their actions, including the choice not to re-offend.
“Life has changed so much for the better since receiving your letter and enclosures. Thanks to your lovely, easy to follow book, I’m now on ‘the path’ which I’m hoping will lead me to a better place. I really do believe that every time I practise yoga or meditation you are all with me.” 
(A prisoner – HMP/YOI Holloway)

The work of the Trust is entirely dependent on the generosity of people who believe inmates can discover a different way of seeing themselves and the world, through the simple practice of sitting in silence each day, and through yoga. For more information on how to donate, visit

Even a small donation makes a big difference.   

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