The Rohan Yoga Education

Children’s mental health is a real concern these days because of near constant stimulation and other pressures. Whether at school, at home or on social media, it can be a very competitive, results-driven environment, fuelling higher stress levels. It is hard for them to express how they feel. Yoga is one place to learn to understand how we feel, who we are, why and how to deal with it. It is an incredible tool for the generations to come. Yoga being in every single part of someone’s life in the future, everyone will see the need of practising such discipline which opens up barriers, and teach to love, respect and accept and manage anger/frustrations.

Founder of Yogamuni, Dipa Trivedi runs a charity called the Rohan Yoga Education where teachers and educational professionals can train, free of charge, to give yoga, meditation and visualisation to children aged 6 to 15, studying in state schools. The platform for learning is online so anyone can learn from any part of the world. So far we have trained students from London, Australia, South Africa and Spain. The aim of this program is to spread the benefits of yoga to children who do not access it. Dipa says, “The practice is aimed to free the children’s mind, to open up their third eye and their intuition mind, so that they are then able to visualise what their path is, without being conditioned or bullied in any way. This will also help children with anxiety, depression and stress at school.”

“When you have gone through the stages of asanas, you start to go deeper into the layers of the subtle Self. What I mean by ‘Self’ is difficult to explain with words, one has to experience it.”

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