The Secret Yoga Club

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Secret Yoga Club is one of my favourite yogic experiences to date. In a nutshell, Secret Yoga Club (SYC) creates pop up yoga events in stunning locations around London with live music during Savasana followed by delicious food.

SYC is the brainchild of the lovely Gabrielle Hales. I first met Gabby when I tried one of her lunchtime classes at L!fe in Shoreditch and fell in love with her way of teaching. She has this amazing talent of talking through every asana in such a way that makes you think about and self-correct every aspect of your practice, whilst maintaining a constant energetic and flowing class.  And at the same time, she comes round and gives each student (and there are a lot in her classes!) their own few minutes of her attention.  After the class, we got chatting and she told me about SYC.

I went to SYC on the terrace at The Oval Space in East London. An arts venue that had slipped below my radar which had stunning views of the imposing gas holders along the canal. It was a beautiful sunny evening, clear blue skies and perfect temperature. Gabby and her assistant led the practice, with a well thought through music playlist coupled with that individual student attention which makes her classes so unique. Once we had sweated it out on the terrace, we relaxed in Savasana. We all love Savasana, and Savasana with two talented female musicians singing live with an acoustic guitar really was special.

The Secret Yoga Club Image2And then food was served. The terrace was transformed into a banqueting space with long tables and a veritable vegan feast – fresh, wholesome and delicious. One thing that I noticed was that I had the chance to chat to some lovely people, which is often rare when going to a yoga class as you generally walk in to a class, practise and then walk out: back to your busy schedule. SYC adds a new social dimension to the world of yoga.

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The SYC events cost around £30 and they’re well worth it! Amazing yoga, beautiful music, delicious food and great company in different locations across London. Check the website and Facebook page for the next Secret Yoga Club.

The secret’s out!
Secret Yoga Club

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